Estate Planning

An estate plan allows you to direct the manner in which your property will be distributed after your demise.


Our Bouquet of Services

Warmond provides comprehensive advise to its clients on their overall estate and succession planning needs. This includes advising on both domestic and cross border matters.



Warmond advises clients on creation on various kinds of trusts which includes:

  • Living Trust – Set up during the lifetime of an Individual for smooth inter-generational transfer of wealth;                                                                                               
  • Testamentary Trust – Set up through the Will of an individual. Such trusts are planned for an event where there is an untimely demise of the testator. This is generally done for the benefit of minors, special children (if any) in the family;
  • Rainy Day Planning (Asset Protection) Trust – Set up by business families to segregate family assets from business assets. If structured appropriately, it helps in insulating the family assets from future business and/ or personal uncertainties;                                      
  • Foreign Grantor Trust – Is a concept/ structure well recognized in the United States of America (USA) for minimizing the impact of estate taxes. Could be set up by Indian families for the benefit of their members residing in USA.